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Cassie and Friends’ “Kids on the Block” puppet Show

We will be going on a field trip to see the Cassie and Friends’ “Kids on the Block” puppet Show at our newly opened second location in Pitt Meadows!

Date: Wednesday , April 13th 2016

Time: 9-1pm

Location: Canyon Springs Montessori Acedemy in 18477, Old Dewdney Trunk Road, Pitt Meadows, V3Y 1Z1


The “Kids On The Block” Educational Performance Program is a troupe of educational puppets that dress and act like real children. The program’s goal is to help raise awareness and understanding about what it’s like to live with Juvenile Arthirtis and to illustrate some of the challenges a classmate with Juvenile Arthritis might be facing: pain, isolation, depression and mobility challenges. Through humour and the use of near life-sized puppets, “Kids on the Block” (KOTB) gives students the opportunity to ask their questions directly to the puppets, breaking down barriers and addressing serious topics (inclusion, health, disability) through a positive interactive experience.

The Kids On The Block (KOTB) program is powerful in helping break down inhibitions, enabling children to be candid with their questions and concerns. The puppets also help children feel positive about themselves, accept individual differences and learn valuable personal skills.

Proceeds from this field trip goes to Cassie and Friends Society for Children with Juvenile Arthritis and other Rheumatic Diseases.


Field trip to Evergreen Cultural Center

Date: Wednesday March 16th and Thursday March 17th 2016

Time: 10am

Venue: Evergreen Cultural Center


            March 17th-Vancouver Theatersports - Instand Improv

Mad Science Workshop

Theme: Magnets and Things That Stick

Description: In this fun scientific workshop, the students will learn how a magnet works. They will be experimenting with repelling and attracting forces of the poles. Students will test objects to see what magnets will stick to and what they won't. We will also be discussing about magnetic domains and Velcro where student will learn how Velcro sticks together, they will examine Velcro using magnifying glasses, then experiment with different fabrics to find out which one will stick to Velcro.

Date: Wednesday, Feb 10th 2016    

Time: 9:00am-11:30pm