About us

=Coquitlam Location=

Canyon Springs Montessori, founded in 1992, offers Montessori education from preschool to Kindergarten. We are conveniently located two blocks north of Coquitlam Center Shopping Mall, at the corner of Johnson and Walton Ave.

Our school is cozy, inviting, and has a home-like atmosphere with a beautiful mountain view. Our classrooms are equipped with state of the art Montessori learning tools and our facilities are specifically designed for younger children and provide two well-equipped and safe park-like playgrounds.

=Pitt Meadows Location=

Canyon Springs Montessori Academy, composed of Infant/ Toddler and Preschool/ Full-day Montessori programs, was opened in 2016. We are located next to Hopcott Farms and surrounded by beautiful fields and mountains. Our facility is bright and spacious and our classrooms are equipped with state of the art Montessori learning tools designed for the growing minds. We also have 2 huge outdoor playgrounds and an indoor gynmasium to provide many gross-motor skills-development opportunities. 

The curriculum in both locations is organized into four main areas: Practical Life (activities that develop everyday living skills), Sensorial (sensory awareness  exercises and puzzles), Language arts (reading, literature, grammar, writing, and spelling), and Mathematics. Cultural subjects, including Science, Geography, History, and Botany are taught in an integrated fashion. The children also participate in special activities such as Kodaly Music, Kinder Dance, French Classes, Mandarin Classes, Field Trips, Mini-Olympics Days and holiday celebrations. The school day is well-balanced between individual and group work, active and quiet activities and indoor and outdoor experiences.

Our 3-5 program is a Montessori-based program in which children will engage in daily Montessori sessions, writing exercises and weekly art projects and music lessons. Our Montessori program allows educators to cater to each child's individual strengths and weaknesses; helping them advance in areas they excel, while refining skills in areas they need. The Montessori materials serve a variety of functions to help children consolidate abstract concepts into concrete, tangible knowledge.  Our indoor and outdoor play in the gymnasium and playgrounds provide ample space for children to enhance their gross motor skills, and to participate in teachers or peers- led games. 

In this program, our children are guided and encouraged to be independent, from self-help skills to classroom courtesy. They will also be introduced to mathematics, phonetic sounds, simple reading, as well as writing, in preparation for Kindergarten. 

In our 0-18 months program, our infants will participate in group learning during circle time, where they will be introduced to music and movement, vocabularies, counting, and social activities. Our infant program consists of materials and objects to enrich babies' sensorial development. Our educators will plan activities that fulfill the little one’s curiosity and a sense of discovery, whereas structure and routines help establish a sense of security with predictability. A safe classroom allows babies to develop social skills with their teachers and fellow classmates and our indoor gymnasium and outdoor playgrounds provide ample spaces to promote their gross motor skills.

In our 18-36 months program, our toddlers will participate in group learning during circle time, where they will participate in weekly music class from a professional musician, daily music and movements, expansion of vocabularies, spoken language, numbers, and social activities. Our toddlers will engage in active learning through introductory Montessori materials to develop their fine motor skills, as well as to learn basic classroom courtesy such as cleaning up and taking care of materials and toys. Our indoor gymnasium and outdoor playgrounds provide ample spaces to promote their gross motor skills. In this program our educators will encourage toddlers to become more independent by teaching them more self-help skills (dressing themselves, cleaning up after themselves, toileting etc. ) in preparation for the 3-5 program.

What makes us unique?

  • We are owner directed and operated. we take pride in treating the children that attend as we would want our own children to be treated. Our personal attention to our staff, students, and their families proves our over twenty years of reputation for consistent high standards and commitment.
  • We take pride in our very low staff turnover rate. All of our teachers are extremely dedicated to the school and because they are so passionate about their jobs, our students benefit from the stability of teachers that stay with us year after year. Our very low staff turnover results in teachers that get to know each child's unique personality. In addition, each member of our staff is required to be educated above and beyond provincial childcare requirements.
  • We provide a very high quality education that meets and exceeds provincial standards. We are licensed by Province of BC Ministry of Health Community Care Facility Act as well as BC Ministry of Education and Child Care - Montessori program. Our program supports the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care early year curriculum in conjunction with the Montessori method of education; this combination offers enriched learning that meets and exceeds the provincial standards.
  • We fill our classes mainly through word-of-mouth and referrals by parents.

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